6 Elements of A Trustworthy E-Commerce Web Design

With the emergence of e-commerce, many people are now making purchases online. It is no wonder the number of online businesses is on the rise. However, online fraud has been on the rise too. The aim of every e-commerce website is having every visitor end up making a purchase. It only takes a few seconds for a customer to pass judgment on a website. You should pay more attention to e-commerce web development to ensure that a customer ends up trusting your website.

Elements your website must have.

  • High Page speed.

This is the time it takes for a page to load on a person’s computer. A consumer will probably run out of patience if your page speed is slow. This will lead to him/her leaving your site. This person is a potential customer. You have to ensure your website is working right so that at the end of the day he/she would make a purchase.

  • Strong website design.

It should be a responsive web design in India and very attractive to the eye. Use the right colors. It should also be structured well. You want the customer to turn into a sale. You have to make him/her want to buy. However, ensure the website is as simple as possible. It has to be user-friendly. Today, there are many resources available that would help your website have a nice design. You have no excuse for a poor-quality website.

  • Company information.

This is one of the most critical elements of an e-commerce business. No one can trust a website that does not give this information. You have to have an about us page, contact information, licenses, awards and the executive and management team identity.

  • Guarantees and warranties.

You should have guarantees on your product. This boosts a person’s trust in your products. Ensure you offer warranty services on products especially electronics. A consumer wants to believe that he/she will end up with a good product.

Some e-commerce websites tend to lack a customer reviews page which is one of the most important things. Some argue that this will lower the customer’s trust in your company in case of negative reviews. However, this is not true. A reviews page shows that you believe in your products. It also gives the customers a chance to interact with you and share their experience and concerns. This will make you make improvements whenever possible so as to satisfy your customers’ needs.

  • Well defined checkout process.

A clear checkout process is important too. Make this process as short as possible. Long processes frustrate the customer and chances are he/she will not get to the end and will leave the website for another. Do not ask for payment that fast or else your website will be mistaken for fraud. You can also include the options for saving it for later and allow the customer leave the site and get back to it later to continue with the process. Be transparent about other costs and shipping process.

After looking at the above factors, do not feel sorry for the reduced number of visits to your website. Invest a little more in e-commerce web development and you will see a great change.

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